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New basic concepts in microbiome management and ecology including targeted organisms, multi-organism (systems) strategies, computational microbiomics, and support environment/matrix strategies

Product Development

Initially, efficacious and cost-effective, user-appropriate anti-MRSA and v-MSSA products for hospital, outpatient, and consumer environments

Our Company

BioPlx is an advanced microbiomics company developing non-antibiotic methods for the control of infectious disease, including multiple-drug resistant “super-bugs”. The company employs targeted microbiological agents along with nutrient, and signaling factors to create unique and protectable formulations


BioPlx is initially focused on control of hospital (HA) and community acquired (CA) dermal (exobiomic) disease, particularly:

  • MRSA - (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus)
  • v-MSSA (virulent - methicillin-susceptible Staph aureus)

… with an emphasis on preventing recurrence and re-infection.



Product lines that satisfy medical practice, reimbursement, patient requirement, and public health objectives, while reducing disease recurrence and care provider liability/risk


ExobiomeTM Ecology





Map functional intra-biome relationships to create transitional -> stable desired populations

Very high capacity computational and analytic methods to extract and correlate global data sets

Development of specialized organisms with known attributes too occupy specific biome niches

Formulation Components





Additional nutrient, signaling, and selective agents included to improve biome management

Materials and structures used to contain, sustain, preserve, and administer biome formulations

Handling and product use characteristics required for HA, OP, and CA market segments

How It's Done

BioPlx is a highly connected global organization, led by an exceptionally qualified management team and board with deep technical, entrepreneurial, and business experience. The company makes maximum use of new information and computational technologies to achieve cutting-edge technical and business strategies. The organization is designed to use both in-house and proprietary contract development and consulting strategies across the wide range of components and methods incorporated within this product line

Resources  |  Background

iPort Topic:

Next-generation microbiome management



  • full-cycle intervention methods
  • specific organism selection
  • computational microbiome strategies
  • targeted intervention
  • adjunct contributions (micro, signaling, other)

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iPort Topic:
Defeating antibiotic resistance



  • history of antibiotic resistance
  • human induced evolutionary pressure
  • continuing explosion of MDR
  • the BioPlx approach to MDR control
  • microbiomics: standard for the future

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iPort Topic:

anti-MRSA, v-MSSA products



  • the organisms: MRSA and v-MSSA
  • how common/dangerous are they
  • what is resistance - what is virulence
  • the old approach - efficacy/recurrence
  • BioPlx products elements and functions
  • product use by market segment

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